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Marvel Challenge: One Avenger Three Avengers [3/1]  → Steve, Natasha & Clint

∟    "You think you can hold them off?"
    “Captain. It would be my genuine pleasure.”

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ covert ops:・゚✧
aka a hat and some glasses and suddenly no one recognizes you

tony’s more famous than Steve and Natasha combined that’s why he had the hat sunglasses AND hoodie.

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Did you know that Crush is portrayed “high” because Sea Turtles actually eat jellyfish and the poisons inside the jelly doesn’t actually harm the turtle but instead intoxicates them much like marijuana does for humans.

i just thought it was because he was supposed to be a “surfer dude”

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Me: What is it doctor?



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“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”

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Ignore My Demons That Are Inside And I, I’ve Started It All Over Again  ; Original piece (via wonderer-in-the-darkness)

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Cutting or self-harm - It’s an addiction
At first, you start cutting because you’re depressed
You’re sad, or feeling suicidal.

Cutting is like a drug, once you start you don’t stop.
Initially you’ll say only one cut tonight.
Soon it’ll grow to two cuts.
Then three, and the cuts increases till the point
Where you’re filled with lines you’ve drawn
All over your body.

Self-harm is not something anyone can understand
If they didn’t start doing so.
You’ll say tonight will be the last night,
You’ll have cuts on your wrists.
But no, it won’t stop.

It’s an addiction.
It will come to a point where you won’t
No, you can’t stop cutting.
You start cutting for no reason.

You say destroying what’s on the outside
To kill what’s inside of you.
But will the self-harm come to the point
Where you kill yourself
Before you kill the demons in you?


we all know that one person you get sexually frustrated just looking at

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